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The DAVEART Studio

DAVEART Studio exterior DAVEART's painting studio and main office is situated in Vrigstad in Småland, Sweden. The completely unique and specialized airbrush studio is tailor-made for David Gunnarsson's painting, as well as for the other businesses of DAVEART. In the heart of the studio you find David's painting room, and around it there is plenty of place for exhibitions, events, classes, shops and stockroom and more.

When you first enter the studio, after parking your car on the big parking lot in front of the building, you come in to the bright exhibition hall. Here you can check out airbrush paintings live in the glassed-in cases.

The exhibition hall and lounge There are also other interesting curiosities from David's painting throught the years, like lots of newspaper clippings, and on the walls there are photos of paintings. In the lounge you can sit down, relax and talk airbrush.

With a simple press of a button the projector screen comes down and the lounge is like a Transformer transformed into a stage, and the exhibition hall into a classroom ready for airbrush classes and events.

The painting studio Continuing further in you symbolically find David Gunnarsson's big and bright painting room in the middle in the heart of the building. A movie theatre system keeps David company during the painting sessions.

On the other side of the hallway you find the office for David and the crew. This is the command centre where all the paper work is taken care of and where the webshops are run from.

The stockroom The big stockroom is in the rear part of the building. Here all the objects that are waiting to be painted are crowding with the products for the webshops and the work shop. Walking out through the back door you come to the loading bay where trucks easily can load and unload.

The studio has a centrally built-in compressor that provides David Gunnarsson and all the students in the classes with perfectly composed air pressure for the airbrush guns. The silent machine gives a very good working environment.


For more photos of the DAVEART Studio, check out the slideshow presentation.

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