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The DAVEART Service

DAVEART is the total contractor for the mask and takes care of it all, and the best part, this All Inclusive-service is always included for the DAVEART clients. It cannot be any easier for the goalie, just sit back and relax and DAVEART takes care of it all.

Quickee, the order process

1. Make the order.
2. Choose if you buy mask from our big stock or send us your mask to your nearest DAVEART base, North America or Europe.
3. Tell us what kind of design you wish, Dave presents a complete custom design idea for you.
4. After your approval Dave paints and sends you pics. After your green light we finish the artwork.
5. We deliver to your door, worldwide delivery within 48 hours.

Fast, faster, DAVEART

David paints and creates the most detailed designs extremely fast. Thanks to his team at DAVEART, David can focus 100% of his effort in painting where he can work extremely fast creating a number of advanced painted masks every week all year long. David paints only masks, as a full time pro, and daily says no thanks to other paint projects, just to use all time to paint masks, his biggest passion.

Cooperates with the major mask manufacturers

DAVEART cooperates with the major mask manufacturers in the world. When you order a new custom made mask from a mask producer, they can easily ship the mask directly to DAVEART. Then when your mask is painted, DAVEART delivers the mask directly to you, painted and ready to be used.

Bases in both North America and Europe

David and his team paints for goalies all over the world. The studio is located in Sweden where all the masks are painted. DAVEART also has bases in Detroit and Montreal, to maximize the service for our North American clients. This makes it very easy for clients in both North America and Europe to reach DAVEART. North American clients can send masks directly to their local DAVEART base and DAVEART takes care of the rest.

Many years of experience

Experience is one of the most important elements in creating top class custom painted goalie masks, day in, day out. It ensures a great service for you, with delivery on time. With DAVEART on board that has been in the business for more than a decade you can rest assured of our unsurpassed experience to create advanced and detailed unique designs.

Worldwide Shipping in 48 hours

It is super easy to ship masks to and from DAVEART´s studio. UPS is one of DAVEART´s Official Partners and they deliver masks door to door, within only 48 hours worldwide. The North American clients conveniently send their masks very easy to our North American office. European clients send their masks directly to our studio in Sweden. As a DAVEART client, UPS gives you 75% discount on the shipping.

With the experience of DAVEART and the strong administration of the organization and fast shipping with UPS, DAVEART is always the most local and fastest custom paint company, wherever you are located in the world. All this ensures a rapid delivery to pro goalies all over the world.

iMASK - Complete Mask and Spare parts shop

DAVEART has a complete goalie mask shop with spare parts for all kinds of masks. Clients can quickly purchase spare parts for their masks, no matter where they are located in the world. Just order in the iMASK webshop. Of course you can also buy the mask through DAVEART when you order a new custom design. DAVEART always carries a number of masks in stock, ready to be painted. And if you order a custom fitted mask DAVEART takes care of that too.

The Mask with Henrik Lundqvist

Welcome to the home of Pro Airbrush Artist and Custom Mask Painter David Gunnarsson

See pic tour from the Crown Princess Couple's visit