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Custom Pro Airbrush Artist David Gunnarsson

David Gunnarsson, the professional artist behind DAVEART, has been painting as long as he can remember. It was his dream and only choice for a career.

As a teenager, David began to paint using the airbrush technique and at sixteen years old, he started his own custom painting company. Working hard from day one, David created DAVEART, operating after school, in the evenings, and on weekends.

More and more customers discovered his talent. As word spread and the introduction of the www.DAVEART.com website, DAVEART experienced rapid steady growth with satisfied customers all over the world.

David´s first passion is to create new painted designs every day, year in and year out. David has painted as a custom pro artist for more than a decade. He is specialized in custom mask painting for hockey goalies of all ages and levels. This includes many DAVEART clients among the NHL top stars. David keeps on working to always evolve his talent and expand his creativity to satisfy his customers.

Today DAVEART is a worldwide established custom paint company. Among the clients you also find companies such as Disney, Red Bull, Playstation, Microsoft/Xbox and many more. Dave has a team around him taking care of all the peripheral business, so Dave can focus on what he is born to do, making DAVEART extremely effective and productive. DAVEART is settled in a worldwide unique airbrush studio. Here you find Dave´s paint room, and everything from stock room, webshops, exhibitions room, office, and the airbrush school were Dave teach the art of airbrush.

DAVEART has also bases in both USA and Canada, to give great Customer Service to all customers in North America.

Dave loves the challenge of every day creating out of this world creative high quality designs with world class service. This is because goalies are special people and deserve nothing but the absolute best.

The Mask with Henrik Lundqvist

Welcome to the home of Pro Airbrush Artist and Custom Mask Painter David Gunnarsson

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